GALL stages live communication for
emotive events and exceptional experiences!

Steigerung der Motivation ist garantiert

Make an impression!
Strong brand – great presence!

Impressive! Thrilling! Special!

Thrilling events, ingenious ideas, exceptional experiences

Picture this: It's the talk of the town! And it's your event! "Unique!", "Incomparable!", "Fantastic!", rave your customers, your key accounts, your business partners, your employees – and the competition. You've just got to stage an event like this! You have. With and assisted by GALL. Always and forever.

Repose your trust in a company that ranks among the market leaders when it comes to making a powerful impact and implementing rapid solutions for events, trade fairs, meetings, incentive programmes, conventions and congresses. For over 35 years, GALL has been supporting all companies, from market-leading, large-scale enterprises to well-known medium-sized companies, that crave – and get – brilliant ideas, inspiring concepts, comprehensive

one-on-one support, also by way of in-house event software, and rock-solid logistics. Within the scope of the project management remit, experienced project managers have been extending holistic support to your customers for a number of years now – from the conceptualisation of events through their planning, organisation and implementation stages, and right through to support in terms of hotel specifics, technology and support extended to artists – and, of course, have been doing so on-site, too.

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