Consistency and reliability
for over 35 years

Our highly qualified and multilingual project managers specialize in marketing, tourism and event management and are extremely passionate, creative and obsessed with attention to detail. They ensure that we exceed our customers’ expectations – with our motto: Your success is our success!

And for over ten years we have been partnering with leaders in the event technology industry. They only work with high-quality and brand new materials and make things work with their well trained staff.

GALL is not just a company; GALL is a network. And I am an artist and I know that if anything happens to me, GALL has my back.

The expertise behind the success

If you want the best hotel contingent with sufficient capacity for your events, you need a travel and tourism expert that is familiar with the negotiating of contractual agreements with individual hotel managers. Many agencies purchase these rooms as a flat fee. Gall, on the other hand, negotiates all details on your behalf: contingencies, cancellation deadlines, amenities and room return policies. We ensure that you get the best deal available. We can offer this because we have the best travel and tourism experts – and we are proud of every single dollar that we are able save for you.

And that's not all. We ensure that your event is unforgettable. Leveraging creative ideas and innovative concepts – and always - always going that extra mile for you. How surprised do you think the customers and journalists of a well-known brake manufacturer were when, instead of being asked to stop at the test stop on the company's premises to witness the traditional brake test, they were asked to test drive where... Can you guess?

For the first time ever, the break test took place on a frozen lake in the Arctic Circle. Guests raced and drifted across the boundless expanse of ice at full throttle. An unforgettable memory. Of course, such thrilling experiences can only be created by top-notch event management experts. This is why our team was also one of the first to receive dual DIN/ISO certification. It goes without saying that our experts are multilingual experts in tourism, IT, events and marketing. And thanks to our high quality resources, we are also able to code our own event software G.E.T., by our in-house programmers.

Emotions and goosebumps! TÜV-audited with dual DIN/ISO certification!

Passionate. Reliable. Loyal.

At GALL, good isn't good enough. We're only satisfied when something kindles, ignites, and sparks are flying! It’s this passion that inspires our customers. What our customer’s value just as much is: reliability and accuracy. We happily confess that we are obsessed with an attention to detail, right from the very beginning.

Some of our customers have been working with our specialists for the past ten years – and longer. This loyalty pays off. Often, all we need is a quick request from our customers and the event planning is under way. Because of these long partnerships, we know exactly what our customers are after! They greatly appreciate this ability – along with our authenticity. At GALL we are not afraid to suggest ideas that may be outside of the box.

GALL is always there – I could fall down right now and someone would be there to pick me up.

At GALL we are open and honest and always truthful, that is more valuable to our customers than the most unbelievable event idea, which in end may turn out to be undeliverable after only a few days of planning. We provide you with honest and frank advice – but the ultimate decision always rests with you. That is part of the partnership that our customers value the most.

For the past 35 years we distinguished ourselves by our network of partners – partners of success. Please take advantage of our always evolving well-established and seamlessly functioning structures. You will find just how much these competent chains of processes are worth, when your Executive Board spontaneously decides that an idea is brilliant, but your local hotel tech department is not able to deliver. That's when our technology specialists immediately take over, even at 4:00 am in the morning and makes it work. At Gall we won't let you down.