80 Nations by bus

80 nations take the bus

Bringing 1,600 employees and distributors from 80 countries together for a two-week kick-off congress in Malta is a logistical nightmare. Or a routine operation – depending on the team that you commission. In-house units generally cannot cope with this. Projects as mammoth as this are – quite simply –

not routine and can also not be addressed by way of project management. Even if the requisite manpower were to exist: It's just too daunting a task. Just try reassuring the Office for the Protection of the Constitution when it discovers that you intend to invite potentates from Arab countries and provide them

with a visa. The security authority sent through the following anxious message: "Just a minute: Who is it that you're flying in?!" We were able to allay the fears of the Counter-Espionage Service. Incidentally, the hectic construction activities that you can see in the photograph were part of the team challenge. The international teams were supposed to re-construct typical Maltese buses using cardboard packaging.