High Life at the Dead Sea

High life on the Dead Sea

Looking at this, you'd want to go and sit by the pool straight away, gazing out at the sea. So why is no-one sitting there?

Because the 30 corporate guests who registered for this optional pool cool-down after an exhausting day at the trade fair failed to receive confirmation of their registration. Because registration was not integrated in the procedural flow so as to be automated.

The staff member responsible for this – and encumbered by a thousand other things – would have had to cater to this manually. Unfortunately, he never got around to it, which is why the pool party has now fallen through. G.E.T. would have prevented that from happening. G.E.T. guarantees success because G.E.T.'s operation is automated.

The peaks-and-troughs report pertaining to recent years, generated for us by G.E.T., helps us to plan forthcoming events and to reduce the occurrence of "empty nights / no shows".