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GET registration tool

Which registration management system do you use? And what would you prefer to use? It’s probably a system that isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, but one that is precisely customized to your specific specification and needs.

GET has a modular structure; customer-specific adaptations are swift and involve minimal outlay. Our specialists work with you to select the precise module that you need: Nothing more and nothing less. How do we know so exactly what you need?

Because, in contrast to conventional registration management systems, GET is not "just" designed by IT specialists, but also by trade show and event specialists. This is a shortcoming of a number of standard systems: The IT specialists can program everything, but how do they know what they are supposed to program?

Since the introducing of GET, we have been able to save 25% of our trade show costs.
GET decreased the complexity – seamlessly, flawlessly, exact with minimal downtime and precision!

Only MICE experts can explain that to you. And we have those experts – a clear advantage to you, because GET has it all. Everything you need: from the registration, booking and management of your participants; from hotel sourcing, contingent management and ticketing, to lead management, scheduling, time planning, venue management and vendor payments.

For you, this means: absolute transparency and comprehensive cost monitoring at the click of the mouse. And there's more. Each system can set up a registration counter with a RFID reader at your booth. And when your visitors approach the counter and there is a 50 feet line-up... No regular registration system is able to help you. And most likely your staff are at the end of their rope.

Not with GET, the registration system that is not only build by systems experts, but also events experts – this is a must at GALL. Your individual expert will organize the arrival of your guests in advance – to ensure there is no rush or line-up at the counter. With GET, you get both: IT expertise and event expertise.

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