It has to light a fire!


The word "incentive" comes from the Latin "incendere" – to kindle or light/ignite something. Unfortunately, many incentives only "ignite" with a barely perceptible spark. These are always the ones that look good on paper, and may also be fairly expensive – but which, in the final analysis, fail to coincide with the taste and interest of customers and of the target group.

Ergo: Only something that's a perfect fit ignites with a blazing flame. That's our job. And our artistry: We bring about a perfect fit. So that it ignites properly. We find out what rouses your target group in the true sense of the word. And, ultimately, that's what it's all about: An incentive is worth your money only if it does indeed noticeably and significantly rouse your target group.

If the participants in the incentive programme do something differently or in a better, more motivated and more efficient way because they are keen on the incentive. This is what is known as return on incentive. Only when you are able to see, measure, experience this return is the incentive truly effective. Don't settle for anything less.

GALL is a pillar of strength in a turbulent sea.
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