Perfection and
attention to detail

Congresses / Conventions

"There is absolutely no margin for error! This has to run like clockwork!" This is the mandate of 80 per cent of our customers – and we comply with it 100 per cent.

In so doing, we are never satisfied with what is bog standard – and you shouldn't be either. This is also what sets us apart from others. Over and over, we experience, for instance, that the standard technology prevailing at convention centres has its "quirks" – and before you know it there's a spanner in the works. Not with us.

We don't just deploy our own special technology on-site, but also our own technicians. What's the general modus operandi on-site? The hotel employee who's been assigned responsibility cannot be everywhere. He says: "I'll be back with you again at 7.00. Bye!" And what if something happens before 7.00? That's where we come in. And you can bank on that.

The on-site presence of GALL staff means that we require no supplementary project assistance.
realised Congresses / Conventions